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Mediacl Tips

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygeine is crucial to preventing cavities, diseased teeth or gingival (gum) diseases. Below are some helpful tips that can help you overcome poor dental hygiene!


1. Brush your teeth after eating sugary foods!

Dental plague and bacteria feed off of those sugary drinks you love! Make sure to always rinse after eating sugary foods and brush your teeth in dedicated, circular motions. Even better, eat less sugar!


2. Fluoride Mouthwash is best!

Fluroide has the unique property of strengthening enamel, which can help reduce the risk of dental caries.


3. Brush your teeth and floss!

Due to the nature of tooth anatomy, brushing only address 3 out of the 5 areas of the tooth, namely the top, front and back. The left and right sides are addressed through dedicated flossing. A lack of flossing generally leads to poor gum health, which can supress your immunity! In other words: Brush your teeth for better health of your both and your body!!!


A healthy diet involves balanced nutrition from a variety of fruit, vegetable, dairy and meat sources. People commonly make mistakes when choosing food options, and at Tysons Medical center we feel that what you eat can largely affect your life and clinical outcome. Here are some tips to help you improve your eating habits!


1. Don't go crazy with the calories after a long workout!

A common misconception that people have is that, after working hard on the treadmill or lifting weights, they are entitled to eat everything they want.... This is not true! It is best that immediately after working out one attains a balanced post-workout meal consisting of carbohydrates (to restore glycogen stores), electrolytes (salts last through sweat )and protein (to offset natural catabolism of working out, and assist in anabolic muscle growth), while remaining hydrated (to avoid kidney problems). An easy solution is a glass of chocolate milk immediately after working out, followed later by a glass of water later!


2. Savour the meal! It is not a race

The brain takes approximately 15 minutes to process that its full while eating. The easy solution to this, then, is to eat slowly! Enjoy the meal while it lasts! You'll have an even greater appreciation for your food.


3. Drink lots of water

Keeping your body hydrated is an essential way to stave off fat. The recommended daily amount of water is 8, 8oz glasses, or, in other words, 64 ounces! This way you will feel fuller, increase your metabolism and ensure proper physiological functioning!


4. Write down what you eat and when you exercise!

Everyone has heard of a journal or diary to write down their thoughts, but few even consider noting the foods that they have eaten. An easy suggestion, "Food Journal." This way, you can keep tabs on the foods you eat and indirectly give more thought to the food decisions you made. You can also track how these food decisions have affected your weight by keeping a log of your weight as the days go on. Don't forget tracking your exercise for even more useful information (and motivation!)